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Alpha Burly

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Dimensions (WxL)
Black and Blue
Black and White

Suitable for

Cardio/Bodybuilding Equipment
CrossFit/Cross Training
Functional Training
Weight Lifting

Main Benefits

Easy to install and clean

Due to the tile flooring format and smooth finish

Absorbs noise and impacts

Lower noise levels in the vicinity

Highly durable

It doesn’t break apart into small particles

Protection and safety

Less risk of injury for sportspeople

With Alpha Burly Tiles

If you need a safe, shock absorbing workout space, while retaining a smooth, easy to clean and highly durable flooring solution, then Alpha Burly is the perfect answer to your needs. Use all weights during your training sessions without risking upsetting the neighbours or damaging the floor or the discs. 

Even for the most demanding routines, the rubber tile flooring enhances protection for the equipment and the people training. You can also choose your favourite finish. In black or pigmented finish, the flooring solution adds greater colour to your space and guarantees an aesthetically appealing surface.

Technical details

Black, Black and Blue, Black and White
Recycled rubber granules with EPDM pigment and PU binder
Dimensions (WxL)
15mm – 15Kg
Approx. 950kg/m3
Fire Behaviour
Installation type
Just lay them on the ground
Application environment
Indoor and outdoor

Installation and maintenance of Alpha Burly

Alpha Burly can be installed on any type of base, provided it is dry, clean and properly levelled. Can be installed on concrete, tile, marble, vinyl and even other rubbing tile flooring solutions already in place.

No, just place them as close as possible to each other. However, they can be glued for permanent outdoor installations, to reduce rubber expansion.

Use an X-Acto knife to cut the tiles. However, before doing so, make sure you have the exact space measurements to avoid waste.

Yes, Alpha Burly tiles can be installed outdoors. Consider that, due to environmental exposure, the tiles shrink and expand more. To prevent this, we recommend gluing down all the flooring.

Use a vacuum, then clean them with a microfibre mop or plenty of water to remove all dirt. To make it easier outdoors, also use running water.

Projects with Alpha Burly