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Vinyl click flooring

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Dimensions (WxL)
Unit – 22.86cm x 121.92cm | Dimensions of the box – 5.5cmx23cmx123cm
Light grey
Dark brown

Suitable for

Business Premises
Changing rooms and spas
Commercial spaces
Fitness rooms
Yoga and pilates studios

Main Benefits

Easy to install

With click fitting and no adhesives

Durable and resistant

Suitable for regular, heavy use

Thermal and acoustic comfort

Built-in 1.5 mm foam layer

Moisture resistant

Can be installed in spas

With Vinyl Click Flooring

Vinyl click flooring is perfect for creating an appealing, functional space that is easy to clean and maintain. The range of colours and natural wood grains means flooring can be tailored to your space’s decoration and concept, providing a unique, more welcoming atmosphere. With a built-in insulation layer, you have enhanced thermal and acoustic comfort, essential for holistic activities, as well as fitness and dance classes. Your students can walk around barefoot without getting cold feet, as with a ceramic floor.

This flooring solution is moisture-resistant, enabling use in wet conditions such as for bathrooms, changing rooms and gym locker rooms. It’s also sun-resistant, keeping its original colour for longer, and resistant to wear and tear caused by the movement of people in commercial and fitness spaces.

The click fit, lightweight boards that this floating vinyl flooring solution offers make it easy to install and use. Perfect for refurbishing any room in a day, without adhesives or heavy machinery.

Technical details

Brown, Grey, Light grey, Dark brown
SPC vinyl flooring with 1.5mm IXPE foam underlay
Click panels
Dimensions (WxL)
Unit – 22.86cm x 121.92cm | Dimensions of the box – 5.5cmx23cmx123cm
2.22 kg/panel | 22.2 kg/box
Wear layer
Built-in underlay
Yes (1.5 mm IXPE foam)
UV resistance
Slip resistance
Slip resistant (safe)
Moisture resistance
Fire proof
Bfl-s1 (doesn’t burn easily and produces little smoke)
Use class
Class 23 (intensive for residential) Class 32 (moderate for commercial)
Installation type
Application environment

Installation and maintenance of Vinyl click flooring

No. Due to its click fitting system, you don’t need glue or any other type of fixing.

You can cut the boards with a Stanley knife. You only need to make a deep cut in the surface, then bend the board. This way, it splits easily and you won’t need any machines. If necessary, we have an installation kit available.

No. Vinly click flooring already has an insulation layer built in.

As long as the base is clean, dry and levelled, it can be installed on floors, cement/concrete, ceramics and marble.

Yes. Do this easily by applying it in more humid rooms, such as bathrooms and changing rooms.

Yes. Install the floating vinyl flooring in all indoor rooms, such as your living room, bedroom, dining room and even your bathroom. This also makes it perfect for commercial spaces, receptions, hotels, fitness rooms, changing rooms and locker rooms.

No. Vinyl flooring should not be installed outdoors, as it’s not designed to withstand the weather.

No, because the heat will damage your flooring.

Still have doubts about installation and maintenance?

Projects with Vinyl click flooring