Rubber flooring roll


The rubber roll is a versatile and resistant solution and is ideal for creating multi-purpose facilities. Guarantees safety and maximum comfort. Excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Roll thickness dimension (WxL)

4mm – 1,25x15m
6mm – 1,25x10m
8mm – 1,25x8m


Main Advantages

Creation of multi-purpose venues

Versatile and durable flooring

Less noise transfer to the surrounding areas

Acoustic insulation

Safe and comfortable

Non-slip and reduces the impact on the joints

Allows high rotation of equipment and people

Resistant to heavy traffic without leaving marks

Suitable for

  • Functional Training areas
  • Body building/cardio equipment
  • Crossfit/Cross Training areas
  • Holistic (Yoga/pilates) exercise areas
  • Physiotherapy areas
  • HomeGym

Gymfloor provides

1. A flooring for multiple activities

The choice of flooring for a fitness venue plays an important role in the activities that it will be used for.. When the goal is to use the areas for a range of activities, it is important to opt for a surface that does not compromise performance or safety.

The rubber flooring that comes in Gymfloor rolls is a multi-purpose solution that is suitable for a range of sports. It is also easy to install and clean. It is installed using two-sided adhesive tape, which means it can be reused if you move venue, and is ideal for rented spaces as it does not damage the base surface.

2. Make the most of your investment

The intense use of fitness venues demands a lot from the floors of these facilities. The Gymfloor rubber rolls have a high-density and firmness that makes them more durable. An excellent option to install in venues containing equipment and furniture. It is does not get damaged or marked, even when heavy equipment is placed on it. It also improves the acoustic protection of the venue, ensuring better insulation not only of the facility itself but also the adjacent rooms.

3. Comfortable and safe environment

Having a safe environment to do exercise is essential to satisfy the users of the venue. An inappropriate sports venue can create an uncomfortable and unsafe environment and increase the risk of injury.

The Gymfloor rubber rolls, as well as being anti-slip, provide greater comfort, reducing the impact on the joints of sport’s people when they are exercising.

Technical details

ColoursBlack | Black/White | Black/Blue | Black/Red

Recycled granulate rubber and EPDM with Polyurethane binder.

Thickness4mm | 6mm | 8mm
Roll dimension (width x length)4mm – 1,25mx15m=18,75m2 | 6mm – 1,25mx10m=12,5m2 | 8mm – 1,25mx8m=10m2
Roll weightAprox. 75kg
DensityAprox. 980Kg/m3
Type of installation / placementDouble-sided adhesive tape | Bicomponent glue
Installation environmentIndoors and outdoors
MaintenanceClean with a vacuum cleaner or broom. Wash with water and a neutral detergent.
GuaranteeLegal guarantee for manufacturing defects (please enquire)
PackagingPallets (bulky load with maximum of 800kg per pallet)

Installation and maintenance of Gymfloor

Ideally the rubber flooring should be glued.

For non-permanent installations, such as rented venues, the flooring should be glued using double-sided adhesive tape.

For permanent installations, Gymfloor can be fixed with doubled-sided adhesive tape or bicomponent glue.

The 4mm thickness rubber flooring should always be fixed with bicomponent glue.

For outdoor installation, the flooring should be fixed with bicomponent glue.

It should be cut using a X-Acto knife.
 Make sure you measure the area carefully before cutting. The material takes approximately 24h to reach room temperature. Therefore, leave the material to rest during this time, and only then measure and cut it.

Gymfloor can be installed on any type of ground, provided it is sturdy, level, clean and dry.

The product should not be installed on unstable ground such as sand, gravel or earth.

Use a vacuum cleaner to start cleaning the entire surface to remove any dust. Next, clean it with a mop or scrubber with soft brushes, using a PH neutral detergent, so as not to damage the structure of the flooring.

For outdoor installation, a suitable drainage system should be in place for the rainwater.

Projects with Gymfloor


Gymfloor 4mm Black/White + CurledTrail Green + Curled Trail Black
“Top quality product. The Geometrik team gave me good advice on choosing the right floorings.”
Thomas Lapra

Helder Gym Fitness Center

Gymfloor 8mm Black/White
“A great floor accompanied by an excellent service. A special thanks from our team.”
Hélder Mendonça

Steel Gimnàs

Alpha Tiles 25mm + Gymfloor 6mm Black
“Very happy with the quality of the floor. I have a gym in Terrassa, Barcelona. I always try to give the best quality and service to my customers. A little over a month ago, we placed the 25mm rubber tiles and they are spectacular, both in functional terms, since we have dumbbells over 60kg, and on aesthetics. Close and professional support when deciding on the thickness of the tiles. Undoubtedly, 10/10.”
Santiago Rotella García

Feel Free Health Club

Gymfloor 8mm Black + Trail15HD Red
“We have been using Gymfloor roll for about 3 years. The experience with both the material and the after sales service has been very good. Good price / quality ratio. It turned out to be a great choice.”
João Torres

Crossfit Blue Monkey Battle

Gymfloor 8mm Black/Blue + Tatami Pink/Blue 25mm + Tatami Black/Grey 25mm + Alpha Tiles 25mm
“Thanks for the quick delivery. Best cost-benefit in the market. We can’t find any better!”
Clément Boussarie

Win Fitness (Barcelona)

Gymfloor 8mm Black/Red
“Very happy with the flooring we recently acquired for our new WIN Fitness center, a boutique personal training studio in Barcelona. Great product and excellent service from Geometrik, always very attentive in solving any questions. Service and Product 10. Thank you!”
José Luis Burriel

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