Vinyl click flooring


Vinyl flooring suitable for residential spaces and commercial premises. It is unrivalled asset in terms of well-being and thermal and acoustic comfort. It is resistant to humidity and it is suitable for installation in any room in your home, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Dimensions of the panel/unit (WxL)





Sold in boxes with 10 panels – 2.63m2

Main Advantages

Highly resistant to scratches and stains

Wear layer of 0.5mm

Compatible with humid rooms

Waterproof and impermeable

No need to install an underlay

Comes with an integrated underlay - 1.5mm IXPE foam

Easy to install and maintain

Click-fit provides an even surface

Suitable for

  • All rooms of the home
  • Business premises
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Gyms

Homeflex provides

1. The ideal flooring for the different rooms in your home

The choice of flooring is among the most important aspects when building or refurbishing a home. As well as the aesthetics, it is crucial that the floor is also comfortable and durable, to make the most of the investment. Homeflex vinyl flooring manages to merge the best aesthetic and functional solutions. As well as its natural appearance, it is waterproof, which makes it possible to install in very humid rooms such as the bathroom. It is also highly resistant to scratches and stains, which makes it ideal to withstand the busy daily use of your kitchen. It provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, making rooms such as your living room or bedrooms feel cosier. In short, this is, a unique flooring with benefits for all the rooms of your home.

2. An excellent flooring for your business

The flooring you install in your office or business should always take into account the heavy foot traffic of these areas. People coming and going, objects being moved from one side to another. The floor should be able to withstand all the daily activity without deteriorating and also make the area aesthetically pleasing. The wear layer of homeflex is an excellent advantage. Not only is it a surface that allows furniture and equipment to be put on it without leaving marks, but the flooring also withstands the feet and wheels of chairs without scratching surfaces. The continuous and even installation results in a floor without joints, which is excellent for easy and fast cleaning.

3. Easy installation, without the need for disruptive construction work

No longer is the installation of flooring a time-consuming and complex job. Homeflex vinyl flooring has a click-fit system, for quick and easy installation, with no need for glueing This system does not require any heavy machinery, or need the area to be closed off. It can be applied on top of any ground as long as it is level. The panels are extremely light and thin, which makes installation much easier. This flooring has a base that improves acoustic and thermal comfort, and dispenses with the need for an underlay.

Technical details

ColoursOak Prime | Countryside | Lullaby
CompositionSPC vinyl flooring with 1.5mm IXPE foam underlay
Wear layer0,5mm
Integrated underlayYes – 1,5mm IXPE foam
Utilisation classClass 23 (Intensive residential use) | Class 32 (moderate commercial use)

Compatible with humid rooms


Compatible with heating

Hydraulic radiant flooring




DS (safe)
FormatClick panels
Type of installation / placementClick-fit
Application environmentInterior
Dimensions (width x length)Unit – 22.86cm x 121.92cm
Dimensions of the box – 5.5cmx23cmx123cm
Weight2.22 kg/panel | 22.2 kg/box
MaintenanceClean with a vacuum cleaner or broom and wash with water and neutral detergent
GuaranteeLegal guarantee for manufacturing defects (please enquire)
PackagingPallets (bulky load with maximum of 800kg per pallet)

Installation and maintenance of Homeflex

Homeflex is installed using a click system, and it is recommended that no adhesive fixing is used, as this can damage the flooring and affect performance.

It can be cut in two ways:

Using a circular saw – Make sure you measure the cutting area well before proceeding.

Using X-Acto knife – Cut the surface of the panel as per the desired measurements. The panel can then be bent, leaving a clean cut.

Make sure you measure the area carefully before cutting.

Homeflex has an integrated IXPE foam underlay, providing comfort and acoustic insulation. No additional underlay is required.

If you want to purchase skirting boards and extension sections for installation, please contact us.

Homeflex can be installed on any kind of ground, provided it is sturdy, level, clean and dry.

Yes, the product is waterproof.

Homeflex can be applied in any indoor room.

Homeflex has an intensive residential use (23) and moderate commercial use (32) class.

Use a vacuum cleaner to start cleaning the entire surface to remove any dust. Next, clean it with a mop or scrubber with soft brushes, using a PH neutral detergent, so as not to damage the structure of the flooring.

Homeflex is not recommended for installation outdoors.

Projects with Homeflex

Reformas Fijo - Francisco Ortiz

Homeflex Prime Oak

Reformas Fijo - Francisco Ortiz

Homeflex Country Side

Marco Abreu Manutenções

Homeflex Country Side
“Very good, the best I've ever worked with.“
Marco Abreu


Homeflex Prime Oak

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