EVA foam floor tiles


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4.9/5 by over 350 satisfied customers on Google
EVA foam tiles have a high level of comfort and absorbency. They are ideal for doing martial arts and holistic activities safely. They can also be used in children’s playgrounds, providing extra protection for children. The puzzle fitting system makes installation easy, whether permanent or temporary.

Tile dimensions (WxL)



20mm | 25mm | 30mm |  40mm


Main Advantages

Creation of temporary spaces

Puzzle pieces are light so they can easily assembled/disassembled

Safe to practice martial arts

Excellent shock absorbency

Well-being during holistic and relaxation activities

Comfortable and ergonomic flooring

Suitable for children

Non-slip and safe

Suitable for

  • Martial Arts and combat sports areas
  • Self-defence practice areas
  • Relaxation exercises areas
  • Holistic (Yoga, Pilates)
  • Home Gym
  • Children’s playgrounds (schools/kindergartens)

Tatami provides

1. Maximum protection and safety

The protection of sport’s  people during practice is a key concern in the various martial arts. Since these are disciplines where the martial artist is often thrown onto the ground, the use of a padded floor such as tatami is important. This flooring ensures the safety needed to prevent injuries. It is stable and has non-slip properties that are suitable for the correct performance of the various more technical movements.

2. Physical and mental well-being

Relaxation exercises such as stretching, yoga and pilates should be done on an appropriate flooring that enables the correct body posture and consequent physical and mental well-being. Tatami adapts to body contact, providing the comfort needed to practice the activity safely. Moreover, it is an excellent option for children’s playgrounds, as it provides more comfort and extra protection for children playing games.

3. Creation of temporary areas

The possibility of setting up temporary areas is an excellent way of taking advantage of your space, whether in the gym, studio or at home. Tatami is a light and practical flooring, with a puzzle system for easy and quick installation and deinstallation. It provides a safe training area, without the need for any adhesive fixing and preserves the original surface of the space. It is also easy to clean.

Technical details


Black/Grey | Pink/Blue

CompositionEVA foam
FormatPuzzle pieces
Thicknesses20mm | 25mm | 30mm | 40mm

Dimensions of the tiles (width x length)

Tile weight20mm – Aprox. 1,6kg | 25mm – Aprox. 2,1kg  | 30mm – Aprox. 2,4kg  | 40mm – Aprox. 3,3kg
DensityAprox. 80kg/m3
Type of installation / placementInterlocking pieces/puzzle
Installation environmentIndoor
MaintenanceVacuum clean and wash with water and a neutral detergent
GuaranteeLegal guarantee for manufacturing defects (please enquire)

Installation and maintenance of Tatami

The Tatami EVA Tiles are pieced together like a jigsaw, and do not require any adhesive. The tiles can be installed and uninstalled at any time easily and quickly.

The tiles should be cut using an X-Acto knife.  Make sure you measure the area carefully before cutting. Given the versatility of tatami, if possible, you should avoid cutting the tiles. This will enable you to install them anywhere, any time.

Tatami can be installed on any kind of ground, provided it is sturdy, level, clean and dry.

The product should not be installed on unstable ground, such as sand, gravel or earth.

Use a vacuum cleaner to start cleaning the entire surface to remove any dust.
 Next, clean it with a mop or scrubber using a PH neutral detergent, so as not to damage the structure of the flooring.

The flooring is suitable for indoor use only. The tiles can also be used outdoors, but only during practice. Also bear in mind the weather conditions, and the state of the ground, which should be dry and clean.

Projects with Tatami

Boran Gym

Tatami Black/Gray
"Quality material, strength and durability. We’re extremely happy with the 40mm puzzle flooring. Flooring that is notably superior to the competition. Recommended. Excellent service, particularly from my sales rep - extremely professional and a top person. Always attentive and provides first class solutions."
Jose Carlos Jaramillo

Alpha Evolution

Tatami Black/Grey 40mm + Tatami Pink/Blue 25mm + Gymfloor 10mm Black/White
“Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to work with you. Very efficient and quality service. Impressive! Everyone loves the flooring.”
Sergio García

Crossfit Rack'n Roll

Alpha RX 25mm + Tatami Black/Grey 25mm
“It has been 3 years since we bought the tiles for our CrossFit box and they are still in perfect condition. Now we bought tatami and the appearance is very good. Great material quality at very competitive prices. We appreciate and value personal attention, recommending and responding to requests very quickly, efficiently and sincerely.”
Fran Rios

Carlos Cobrinha BJJ

Tatami Black/Grey 40mm + Tatami Black/Grey 25mm
“Tatami 100% approved! Besides being a soft floor, another positive point is the good balance in terms of grip. It doesn’t slip too much and, at the same time, it doesn’t make the athlete fatigued.”
Carlos Ozório

Academia Kerker

Tatami Black/Grey 40mm
“We purchased our Tatami from Geometriktarget. I was very well attended throughout the process, during the purchase and after sales. I want to recommend to all my friends from martial arts that are looking for quality materials.“
Kerker Silva

KB One Fight Club

Tatami Black/Grey 25mm
“The material is excellent, with an optimum density to cushion falls without being too thick. In our case, the underneath floor is quite cold and this floor isolates very well, by being much warmer than the previous one. As for the service, we are very satisfied. Everything came out as agreed. I highly recommend it.”
Julen García Méndez

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