Artificial grass roll


Artificial grass flooring with excellent cost-benefit ratio. Highly resistant solution, appropriate for high-intensity sports.

Roll dimensions (WxL)

1x5m | 1x10m | 1x15m | 1x20m
2x5m | 2x10m | 2x15m | 2x20m

Height of the strands



Main Advantages

Intense sports play

High resistance

Move in different directions safely

Traction/sliding properties


Excellent cost-benefit ratio

Outdoor installation

Resistant to UV rays and has excellent drainage

Suitable for

  • Crossfit/Cross Training  areas
  • Sprint Tracks
  • HomeGym
  • Multi-sports areas
  • Padel  Courts
  • Tennis Courts

Trail15HD provides

1. Value for money

Installing a floor surface at a sports venue does not have to be an expensive investment. Trail15HD is an affordable, highly resistant solution that will without doubt bring benefits to your training.

2. Moving in different directions safely

The need for stability provided by the surface is an important safety factor for sport’s people when doing traction exercises that involve changes in direction or sprinting. Trail 15HD enables excellent traction-sliding, ensuring adherence to the surface and comfort.

3. Easy to install and maintain

The ease of installation and maintenance are factors that should always taken into account when acquiring a new flooring. Artificial grass is a surface that comes in a roll which is easy and quick to install and that can be put on any level and compact base. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Technical details

CompositionBacking: Polypropylene mesh with SBR Resin/Latex | Filament: Polyethylene grass with UV stabilisation
Strand height15mm
Strand density (Dtex)6600
Nº of points/m245.360
Roll dimension (width x height)1m x 5m | 1m x 10m | 1m x 15m | 1m x 20m | 2m x 5m | 2m x 10m | 2m x 15m | 2m x 20m
Roll weight1m x 5m – 10,5kg | 1m x 10m – 21kg | 1m x 15m – 31,5kg | 1m x 20m – 42 kg | 2m x 5m – 21kg | 2m x  10m – 42 kg | 2m x 15m – 63kg | 2m x 20m – 84 kg
Type of installation / placementDouble-sided adhesive tape | Bicomponent glue | Clamps
Installation environmentIndoors and outdoors
MaintenanceIndoors: Clean with broom or vacuum cleaner
Outdoors: Sweep and wash with a lot of water
GuaranteeLegal guarantee for manufacturing defects (please enquire)
PackagingPallets (bulky load with maximum of 800kg per pallet)

Installation and maintenance of Trail15HD

Artificial grass can be installed in different ways:

Indoor – For non-permanent facilities, such as rented premises, the flooring can be installed using double-sided adhesive tape.

For permanent premises, it can be fixed using a bicomponent glue.

Outdoor – For cement bases, it can be installed with a bicomponent glue directly onto the base.

For earth or gravel grounds, it should be installed using bicomponent glue on top of a mesh. To fix the edges, several systems can be used, such as clamps or creating a cement perimeter where you can glue the grass using bicomponent glue.

When installing the different rolls, make sure the strands are all pointing in the same direction. Also check that the joints are as tight as possible to reduce their visibility in the final result.

The artificial grass should be cut from its base (black underlay). To do so, the roll should be positioned upside down, with the grass at the bottom, cutting the black underlay directly.

The artificial grass can be installed on any kind of ground, as long as it is compact, level, clean and dry.

Clean off the dirt using a leaf blower, broom or hosepipe with running water.

For indoor venues, a vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dirt.

This product is appropriate for indoor and outdoor installation.

The artificial grass has channels that allow the water to flow off it. Nevertheless, the draining of the venue should be planned and designed for the specific ground.

If it is applied directly on earth, weeds may appear. To control the appearance of weeds, apply a geotextile layer or herbicides before the installation, with annual maintenance.

Projects with Trail15HD

Team Factory 84

Alpha Tiles 25mm + Trail15HD Green
"We are very pleased with the Geometrik service. We got in touch with a very attentive consultant, the speed of delivery was fast, and the price-quality ratio of the products is very appealing. We highly recommend it."
Yepmo Stephen


Gymfloor 8mm Black + Trail15HD Red + CurledTrail Black + Alpha Tiles 15mm
“The demand for Crosstraining flooring took me to Geometrik. The quality of their material is fantastic (resistance, shock absorbing capacity and durability), as well as their collaborators, who are excellent professionals. I recommend!”
Pedro Santos

Crossfit Bélénos

Alpha Tiles 25mm + Trail15HD
“We are very pleased to have found Geometrik. We were guided and advised throughout the entire buying process. The company was prompt with every email. The flooring is of excellent quality. We thank the whole team for their support.”
Mickael Debusschere

MP Training

Alpha Tiles 20mm + Trail15HD + Woodlifting
“Highly recommended experience. During all the process Geometrik showed me confidence, seriousness and above all, they understood my needs.”
Mariano Podgaetzky

Feel Free Health Club

Gymfloor 8mm Black + Trail15HD Red
“We have been using Gymfloor roll for about 3 years. The experience with both the material and the after sales service has been very good. Good price / quality ratio. It turned out to be a great choice.”
João Torres

Fair Fight Crossfit

Alpha Tiles 25mm + Alpha Tiles 25mm Black/Yellow + Trail15HD Green
“We have an excellent box and it is partly thanks to Geometrik!”
Virginie Lemoulinier

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