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Artificial grass: Create spaces in your gym!


Applying artificial grass in gyms is becoming a highly sought-after solution by those who manage these spaces. The creation of areas using this type of flooring has many advantages. One of the most remarkable is, without a doubt, the improvement in aesthetics and comfort.

By choosing professional and high-quality materials, it is possible to achieve much more. The application of artificial grass in a gym automatically creates a more organic, natural, and pleasant environment for users. The urban aspect that characterizes these spaces is lessened in a simple way.

But the positive aspects of applying artificial grass in gyms don’t stop here! Discover some advantages of this type of sports flooring.


Trail artificial grass: 4 Strong points about this flooring


1. Resistant

Trail is a range of high-quality artificial grass, which is wear-resistant, even in conditions of intensive use. Thanks to the treatment done to its filament when it is designed, it is a long-lasting and resistant solution for any type of climate, so it is also suitable for outdoor spaces. In addition, it has an excellent drainage capacity.


2. Multipurpose

Artificial grass combines comfort and resistance and can be applied both in areas for relaxation and functional training. Whether the focus is softness when in direct contact with the body or stability and reduced friction for sled exercises, each model has distinct unique characteristics, so as to meet specific needs according to the intended use.


3. Customizable

This flooring solution is available in many colours, allowing for multiple combinations in the creation of sports and leisure spaces.

In addition to a good technical response, the Trail range also allows for the creation of spaces that are aesthetically appealing and original. It easily adjusts to the needs of each layout and allows for the customization of training spaces, both indoor and outdoor.


4. Economical

Sold in rolls, this flooring is quickly and easily installed, adjusting to the specific requirements of each space. Additionally, its low-maintenance costs, even when applied outdoors, contribute to this solution’s growing popularity. Green grass all year round without the added costs or work.


Stand out from the competition by creating an original space

In an area as competitive as that of sports spaces, customization is one of the keys to success. Matching different flooring solutions to the needs of each area of the gym, diversifying colours, and materials, makes all the difference.

Artificial grasses such as CurledTrail and Trail15HD give your space a fresher air and offer excellent comfort to your athletes. The look of any gym is clearly lifted by the application of this flooring.

As such, Trail is a versatile option which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its great resistance makes it a long-lasting solution that will turn your gym into a unique space.



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