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What our customers say

"They were excellent in everything, from the service, quality of the material at an affordable price and fast shipping! I highly recommend them!"
“I recommend 100%. Very fast and friendly service. I bought from Córdoba and despite the distance I would do it again, because the quality of the floor is very good.”
“We were looking for a superior quality floor, we really wanted something that would match us and the quality we wanted to offer our customers. Only with a good flooring can we reduce the risk of injury and avoid major impacts to the joints when exercising on the ground. It was with great satisfaction that we worked with Geometrik. For future projects, we already chose our brand and floor.”
“Excellent service and products. Very satisfied with the work of Geometrik.”
"Quality products. Fast, available service. Geometrik can provide help/support for building your sports venue with a wide range of flooring solutions. I recommend Geometrik."
“Highly recommended experience. During all the process Geometrik showed me confidence, seriousness and above all, they understood my needs.”
"High quality flooring and excellent service at all times. We’ve used Geometrik flooring twice in the last 2 years and the experience was highly recommended."
"100% recommended. From the outset, Geometrik demonstrated a great willingness to help. We were sent product samples for everything, with great attention to detail. The delivery times were superb. They stored material for us because we didn’t have anywhere to store it, which was sent as soon as we confirmed. Everything arrived in good condition, well protected and problem free. Lastly, the flooring quality met our expectations. Excellent impact absorption, up to the task, and easy to clean. We can only thank Geometrik and the team for doing an excellent job."
“Excellent support and very professionals. They send samples, clarify your doubts and answer immediately. I recommend them, no doubt!”
“We purchased our Tatami from Geometriktarget. I was very well attended throughout the process, during the purchase and after sales. I want to recommend to all my friends from martial arts that are looking for quality materials.“
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