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Fitness flooring: The best choice for every activity!


There are several factors that matters when choosing the fitness flooring to be installed in a sports venue. Making a choice that fits your needs is essential!

In one hand, we must naturally ensure the safety and comfort of the athlete. In the other hand, the optimization of the installation and maintenance costs of the selected floor is important.


How to choose the best fitness floor?

Making the most appropriate decision about the best fitness floor has direct consequences on the longevity of the sports space. But given the huge variety of materials on the market, how should you choose your flooring? First, you must look for the answers to these 3 important questions:

What is the expected investment for floor installation?

What sports activity will the floor be subjected to?

What are the characteristics of the place where you want to install the floor?

By answering these questions, you can truly plan an appropriate answer to your needs. Only then will you be able to find the fitness floor that suits you best.


Most common floors for sports practice


Synthetic grass

The most common use is in sledging exercises and all kinds of functional workouts. Thanks to its characteristics (high strength and low coefficient of friction), it’s a suitable solution for indoor and outdoor. This product combines low maintenance cost with high durability.


Rubber solutions

In the category of synthetic floors, we also have rubber flooring. This type of fitness floor provides a safe and comfortable practice and can be applied in various spaces.

  • Rubber rolls – They are ideal for fitness, cardio and weight training workouts. There is also the possibility of installing fully colored rolls, creating an indoor running track;
  • High Density Rubber Tiles – This material has a high capacity to absorb impacts and restore controlled energy. It is the most suitable for crosstraining and all kinds of activities that require good impact absorption.



These tiles are the best solution for the practice of combat sports. Its properties offer athletes high comfort and safety. They are durable and made from non-toxic materials. Its simple installation and maintenance also allow an easier cleaning of the space.



Its use is recommended only in indoor spaces. One of the most important uses of wood flooring is the practice of weightlifting exercises. For this type of activity, it is important to have a stable base that does not compress or slip, preventing serious injuries.


We can then see that the existence of various types of fitness flooring does not have to make the choice more difficult. Quite the contrary, as the variety of options allows you to find solutions that fit your needs.

As we have seen, it is essential to have the purpose of the floor well defined, as well as the conditions to which it will be subjected. Thus, the selection can be made by a process of elimination, which certainly will lead to the optimal solution.


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