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Installing fitness flooring? Get to know the number 1 option


When you work in the area of flooring installation for fitness venues the question of quality is highly important. Earning the trust of the customers is an ongoing task and that is how flooring companies grow in the market.

That is why it is so important to select a good supplier, who will provide a complete service, premium quality materials and who offer a huge range of flooring solutions.

Geometrik is a solid company that has a fine national and international reputation in the flooring sector. Provide your customers and partners with the chance of choosing from an enormous diversity of linings, made with the best materials.

The quality of the services provided, together with the properties of the products it sells, make Geometrik is the number 1 option for fitness flooring.


What makes Geometrik stand out as a flooring partner?

With vast experience in the flooring industry, Geometrik focuses on quality and we accompany every project closely.

Our experts study the needs and demands of each situation and provide the technical assistance necessary for the installers to achieve the best results.

We draw on all the knowledge we have acquired over the years to provide advice about the best solutions for each particular case. At Geometrik, we work hard to endow your venue with the highest standards of quality, comfort and safety.


Top 3 Geometrik fitness flooring solutions

Over time, we have developed the best options to respond to the key requirements for each situation. At sports venues a broad set of variables have to be analysed before choosing the best lining for your floor.

There are a group of Geometrik flooring solutions that stand out from all others, not only due to their quality, but also because of the durability and comfort they provide.

The 3 most popular Geometrik fitness flooring options are as follows:


1. Gymfloor

Gymfloor is a roller rubber flooring. It is versatile, and is ideal for surfacing facilities such as gyms, CrossFit boxes or multi-sports venues, both indoor and outdoor.

Versatility and comfort are the characteristics that best define this Geometrik fitness flooring.


2. Alpha RX

These high-density panels are unbeatable for absorbing shock and vibrations, providing above-average acoustic and shock absorption.

Thanks to their structure and composition, installation and maintenance are also very easy, which is another advantage.


3. CurledTrail 

CurledTrail is our customers’ preferred artificial grass. Suitable for indoor and outdoor venues, this kind of sports flooring has been designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for the users of these facilities.

This solution can be tailored to any area and is very simple to install and maintain.


What do our customers say?

Geometrik is an internationally renowned company. Read some of the testimonials from our customers.


“We were looking for a high-quality flooring. We wanted something that we identified with and of the quality we wanted to provide our customers with.

By installing a good flooring, we reduce the risk of injuries and avoid heavy pressure on the joints when doing floor exercises. We were really satisfied working with Geometrik.

For future projects, there is no doubt about the flooring brand we will choose!”

Bruno Falcão, Body Lab – Portugal


“After testing several brands, I opted for the Geometrik Alpha Tiles to protect the floor and the material of my box. Currently I am very happy with the absorption of this flooring.”

Quentin Balfourier, Crossfit Chamalières – France


Preference for Geometrik quality

When installing fitness flooring, the durability of the floor can be the main factor for a flooring company.

Choosing a reliable partner who offers expert advice is essential to stand out from the competition and succeed in the flooring installation business. Find out about the Geometrik solutions for sports flooring.


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