Flooring solutions to customize your gym


Creating a customized gym may seem like a complex and difficult thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be. By choosing and combining the most suitable materials, you can get a multifaceted solution for all types of needs.

Setting up a professional gym simply means getting what you want from the space. Carefully assessing the specific needs of each area should be the first step to getting a perfect end result.


First step: assess and plan!

When assessing the available area, you should take into account your gym’s general and specific objectives. Do the most thorough assessment you can so as to determine and organize, in detail, everything you will need.

The initial planning stage will help with the assembly and the choice of the most appropriate sports flooring. Here are some tips on what to consider in this step:

  • Define who the space is for and what kind of modalities you will offer there;
  • Depending on what you want, list all the equipment that will be needed;
  • If you are offering different sports activities, check if the space allows them to take place simultaneously or at alternate times;
  • Distribute the areas for each practice in a functional way, according to each one’s characteristics;
  • If you have several modalities in the same space, make sure you choose a versatile flooring solution that covers the needs of the different practices.

In addition to the choice of equipment, choosing the right flooring is essential when setting up a gym. By taking into account the requirements of each area, it is possible to choose the best-suited sports flooring.

By seeking to meet the needs of the athletes in terms of safety and comfort, you will provide them with more complete and enjoyable experiences.


Different solutions for your gym’s flooring


1. Solutions for light modalities

If the space is intended for fitness practices with equipment and machines, there are several options for sports flooring. For group classes, cardiofitness, bodybuilding, and functional training, you can apply rubber roll flooring solutions.

By choosing recycled rubber flooring, it is possible to combine colors and create one-of-a-kind spaces. Made of rubber granules, this type of flooring is versatile and offers resistance and comfort.

For spaces intended for relaxation or traction-slider exercises, such as sled, you can install artificial grass rolls. The result is original and very pleasing to the eye. For areas intended for the practice of martial arts, tatami is the perfect solution, and it also a good option for children’s spaces, thanks to the safety it provides.


2. Multisport solutions

When the gym is large and intended for many types of sports, you can use the flooring to mark off the areas. There is a huge diversity of technical solutions that you can combine to customize each one.

For areas subject to greater impacts, such as crosstraining and weightlifting, high-density Alpha RX are an excellent option, bringing together stability and safety during practices such as weightlifting.

You can also create multisport areas, suitable for group classes (pilates, yoga, or dance) or cardio exercises. Homeflex is a vinyl flooring that adjusts to these modalities, ensuring safety and comfort.


Geometrik offers a wide range of materials and combined technical solutions for sports flooring. Consequently, it is easier to obtain versatile spaces as well as meet the safety and comfort requirements needed by athletes.

Get inspired by some places that have chosen different combinations in terms of high-quality sports flooring. Talk with our experts to find out more about our products in detail and get a 3D design of your space. This way you will be able to visualize your future gym before choosing and installing the materials.



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