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How to keep the gym machines and floor of the gym always clean?


Gym flooring is a favorable surface for the spread of bacteria and disease. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple precautions that can avoid this situation.

The gym sector and other bodybuilding and fitness spaces are more competitive than ever. As such, any disparity factor (positive or negative) can make a difference over the competition.

When it comes to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, cleanliness and neatness are vital.  To that end, we leave you 5 tips to keep your training space clean and free of impurities.


1. Introduce internal rules

Much of the dirt on the gym flooring can be avoided at the outset. Establishing a list of rules of conduct for athletes to follow may be the first step. In addition, implementing hygiene behaviors will greatly facilitate the daily cleaning of spaces and equipment.

If some impurities, such as dust and hair, are almost inevitable, others are not. Among the possible rules to be implemented, we highlight the following:

  • Prohibition of eating in the training areas;
  • Obligation of each client to have a personal towel to use when using the equipment;
  • Placing mats at all access doors to the premises. In this simple way, you will prevent the spread of debris across the gym flooring.


2. Sanitize the equipment

In many fitness centers, it has become customary for clients to wipe the machines with a towel after use. Although it dries out sweat, it does not kill bacteria or prevent it from spreading from one machine to another.

While customers can help you keep equipment clean, it is obviously not their responsibility. Therefore, make sure that your cleaning team takes care of sanitizing each machine regularly and effectively.


3. Choose a suitable gym flooring

The choice of sports flooring can also make a difference when cleaning the space. An appropriate flooring that is free of toxic components and has an easy-to-clean surface will make the task much easier. Cleaning with steam or with a cloth or mop will remove sweat, grease and odors very quickly. Just have a proper gym flooring.


4. Sanitize the floor

The floor of the sports facilities is one that suffers most from daily dirt, for example, through waste from outside, the use of magnesium in activities such as cross training and the spill of liquids brought by users. Therefore, we recommend daily cleaning.

You should start cleaning by vacuuming your sports floor and then washing with a mop (preferably microfiber). Use a neutral pH detergent to avoid damaging the floor and, if possible, hot water, so some dirt is easier to remove.

Cleaning process may change depending on the flooring solution. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.


5. Define and comply with cleaning routines

Once you have defined a cleaning routine, you must stick to it. Identify and define the needs of your space, per hour, per day and per week. For example, a mid-day cleaning will allow night costumers to train in a sanitized space also. Otherwise, those attending evening classes will notice the spaces already dirty by the morning athletes.

Also make sure that you vacuum the gym flooring regularly to remove any debris.


In short, cleanliness is critical to ensure that your gym is attractive for current and future customers. Keeping it spotlessly clean is essential for the health and satisfaction of athletes. On the other hand, it contributes to the company’s reputation and should be its top priority.

Management should regularly check that cleaning procedures are being followed and products are used correctly. This approach will help increase the number of members and extend the lifespan of the equipment. It is also a way of ensuring the continue satisfaction of members who attend the space.

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